Founded in 1946, the BAUER GROUP has grown to be a prominent, active corporate group known for its reliable top-of-the-range compressors.

Our product range includes:

Since the '50s, the increased market inter-dependency has seen BAUER forging a closer international alliance by setting up foreign subsidiaries – and continues to do so today – giving rise to a comprehensive global sales and servicing network. This brings us closer to our market, our customers and our suppliers and enable us deliver optimal engineering services and technical support.

Today, the BAUER GROUP is represented world-wide by 22 subsidiaries, over 350 accredited sales partners, and over 600 service stations. Being a Global Player in the high pressure- and screw- compressor market, our group owns a market share of more than 70% in breathing air applications. We contribute this success to the global strategy of quality that our employees and a large number of partners around the world commit to.

Turnover (million $)

Turnover (million $)