Bio-methane – Intelligent applications for a clean environment

Biogas bioreactor

The use of renewable energies as alternative means of generating power from fossil fuels is making a vital contribution to the consistent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The crude biogas extracted from biomass which, thanks to the very latests technologies can be treated to natural gas quality (known as "bio-methane"), is playing an important role in this context.

Bio-methane treatment has many advantages. It has firmly established itself in recent years and its use is constantly on the increase.

The direct use of bio-methane as a fuel is an alternative to feeding into the natural gas grid. In both cases, the bio-methane is treated and then compressed before being made available for further transport or storage.

Based on our many years of experience of high-pressure systems, BAUER has developed tailor-made compressor units with medium-pressure and high-pressure compressors for these bio-methane applications, providing you with solutions for:

  • Bio-methane filling stations: Use of bio-methane as a fuel for vehicles
  • Infeed compressor units: Infeed of bio-methane into the natural gas grid
  • Recompressor units: Recompression of natural gas (natural gas bio-methane mixtures) into higher-grade grids