The green cartridge - Saves resources and protects the environment

The green TRIPLEX-Cartridge
The green TRIPLEX-Cartridge

The aim of this sub-project of the BAUER sustainability offensive is to save as much packaging material as possible for all filter cartridges and to replace plastic with environmentally and climate-friendly materials. As part of the project, all components from the packaging to the cartridge were subjected to intensive individual testing.

The TRIPLEX cartridge, which is used in all COMPACT-LINE systems and many PROFI-LINE systems, is the starting point. As the best-selling cartridge, it offers the greatest savings potential. Thanks to the complete redesign of filter cartridge packaging and the optimisation of the cartridges themselves, the plastic content has been successfully reduced to half. In addition, material and thus resources can be saved to a significant extent through reduced size and weight. Once the conversion of the D70 series, which are used in the P 41 and P 61 filter systems, has been completed, all BAUER filter cartridges will meet BAUER's strict sustainability criteria.

The green TRIPLEX-Cartridge
For greater environmental friendliness and resource conservation, more environmentally friendly materials were used. At the same time, significant quantities have been saved in the use of materials themselves.
The previously white-coated packaging tube has been significantly reduced both in length and circumference and in weight and is now made of recycled corrugated board. A reduction in the amount of plastic used in the outer packaging by a proud 50% has been achieved by dispensing with the plastic closure caps and the Styrofoam chips inside, which are no longer needed thanks to new packaging design.

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Oil removal
Elimination of odours
Elimination of taste
Carbon monoxide conversion
Hydrogen sulphide filtration
SECURUS - filter catridge monitoring