Breathing air applications H₂S safety

Oil & gas industry

Since the dawn of industrialisation in the 19th century, natural gas and crude oil have been extracted to provide fuel and combustion material for commercial purposes.

Even today, these raw materials provide the essential basis for the continuous flow of new applications that are being developed.

In order to be able to meet the constantly increasing demand for these base materials, better use has to be made of existing resources and new storage options have to be found.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is a partner you can rely on to provide the very best equipment in the fields of prospecting, exploration, production and safety engineering.

At the same time, BAUER is able to safeguard the fundamental provision of breathing air conforming to DIN 12021 to teams on oil / gas platforms. BAUER is able to control effective compressed air supply for safe rooms up to full evacuation of teams.

Specific applications of BAUER compressors

  • Breathing air treatment in accordance with international breathing air standards
  • Compressed air supply for refuge and rescue chambers
  • Filling stations for cylinders used by divers, airlocks, etc.
  • Distributor panels with 2 bar over-pressure for supplies to residential areas
  • Compressed air storage for starting marine diesel engines
  • Complete systems for ATEX

Who are the customers of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN?

  • Oil companies
  • EPC
  • Drilling contractors
  • Companies working in the field of occupational safety

The benefits BAUER KOMPRESSOREN can offer you

  • Complete systems covering everything from compression to treatment, monitoring, storage and distribution  
  • Proven stationary and mobile complete systems for on-shore and off-shore applications
  • ATEX approval
  • Expertise in the delivery of solutions to meet application-specific requirements
  • High machine availability in practical application conditions
  • Global spare parts supply for at least 25 years
  • High operator safety
  • Proven technology
Which BAUER compressors support this type of application?
The series Free air delivery rates Pressure ranges Medium
Breathing air
Air-cooled compressors
Water-cooled compressors
Air-cooled boosters
Water-cooled boosters
Treatment systems
100 – 1.480 l/min 90 – 500 bar – Breathing air